Mongoose Expo vs Razor A5

Mongoose and Razor make some of the most popular kick scooters. We have an in-depth look at 2 of their most popular models, the Mongoose Expo vs Razor A5 – which is the best for you?

Mongoose Expo vs Razor A5 – Specifications

Mongoose ExpoRazor A5 LUX Kick Scooter
Mongoose Expo
Razor A5 LUX Kick Scooter
Age Range6-98+
Unit Weight20lbs8.3lbs
Maximum Weight Load220lbs220lbs
Pneumatic tires
7.9" Urethane
Adjustable Handlebar Height33" - 38"31.1" - 41"
Adjustable Seat HeightN/AN/A
SafetyFront and Rear Caliper BrakesRear Fender Brake
Weather ConditionsNot suitable for wet or snowy areasNot suitable for wet or snowy areas
FeaturesBMX Bike style handle bars and brakes
2 axle Pegs
Tires are air-filled
Aluminum Frame
Urethane Wheels
Retractable Kickstand
Spongy Handle Grips
Color OptionsBlack & Blue
Green & Gray
Black & Pink
Warranty1 year6 months
Cost ( PriceCheck Price


Mongoose Expo vs Razor A5 – Similarities


Both have the same maximum weight load

  • The Mongoose Expo and Razor A5 both have a maximum weight load of 220lbs.

Both the Mongoose Expo and Razor A5 have the same weather conditions recommendation

  • Neither kick scooter is recommended for use in wet or snowy weather.


Mongoose Expo vs Razor A5 – Differences


Both have a different recommended age range

  • The Mongoose Expo has an age range of 6 to 9 years, while the suggested age range for the Razor A5 is eight years and above.

Both kick scooters have different weights

  • The Mongoose Expo is heavier at 20lbs, while the Razor A5 is at 8.3lbs.

Both kick scooters have different portability options

  • The Mongoose Expo cannot be folded, while the razor A5 is foldable for easy portability and storage. 

Both have different wheel sizes

  • The Mongoose Expo has bike-like pneumatic tires at 12”, while the Razor A5’s Urethane wheels are 7.9”.

Both have different handlebar height adjustments

  • The Mongoose Expo has a 33” to 38” (from deck to top) handlebar height adjustment range, while the Razor A5’s range is 31.1” to 41”.

Both have different braking systems for ease and safety

  • The Mongoose Expo uses front and rear Caliper brakes, while the Razor A5 has an easy to use Rear Fender Brake system for safety.

Both have different color availability options

  • The Mongoose Expo is available in either Black & Blue, Green & Gray, or Black & Pink combinations.
  • The Razor A5 is available in either Black, Blue, Red, or Pink.

The Mongoose Expo and Razor A5 both have different design and features

  • The Mongoose Expo has a BMX bike style handlebars and brakes. Aside from that, it also has two axle pegs and air-filled tires.
  • The A5 has an Aluminum frame, Urethane wheels, spongy handle grips, and a retractable kickstand.

Both kick scooters offer a different warranty

  • The Mongoose Expo has a 1-year warranty, while the Razor A5 has a 6-month warranty.



Both the Mongoose Expo and Razor A5 offer fun and adventure for your kids while promoting active wellness. However, the final choice will depend on your kids’ personal preferences.

Here are some of the notable differences you might want to consider:

  • The Mongoose Expo’s BMX bike-like design is unique and may be more appealing to older kids.
  • The Mongoose Expo has larger wheels that may be more stable compared to smaller wheel sizes.
  • The Mongoose Expo is quite heavy at 20lbs, which may make it challenging to maneuver for younger children.