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Best Electric Scooter for Kids – Buyer’s Guide

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You’ve probably heard about those new electric toys like hoverboards, electric scooters or electric bikes. You’ve probably also wondered if you should buy one of these ride-on toys for your kids. Electricity is everywhere in these days and batteries have improved a lot. So if you want to know more about electric scooters for kids we have created a list of the 8 most popular scooters in the market. Let’s have a look at them.

Best Electric Scooter for Kids – Comparison

ScooterMax Speed [mph]Run Time [min]Weight [lbs]Min age 
Razor E20012404013 Buy on Amazon
Razor E100 Glow1040328 Buy on Amazon
Razor Power Core E901070238 Buy on Amazon
Pulse Performance Em-1000 E-Motorcycle1040488 Buy on Amazon
Razor Pocket Mod Euro15405913 Buy on Amazon
Pulse Performance GRT-11850238 Buy on Amazon
Qaba 120W 7.55021not specified Buy on Amazon
Pulse Performance Sonic XL13403913 Buy on Amazon

Razor E200

Razor e200How might you prefer to travel around your community on your innovative Razor E200 electric scooters?

This scooter has almost all the best functions Razor has arrived to be reputed for. With a very silent motor for the chain, full-size frame, and deck, the e200 electric scooter is each simple to run and also comfortable for anybody as much as 154 lbs. The USA Razor e200 electric scooter additionally arrives with a fine twist-grip throttle and even simple to squeeze the hand brake.

The scooter parts of e200 are very sturdy and long-lasting. This is powerful sufficient to consider a beating however smooth in style and performance. This scooter has the capability to achieve twelve miles hourly which is quick sufficient to get plenty of enjoyment however secure sufficient to keep whole control. The standard rechargeable battery continues running approximately forty minutes and needs about 12 hours to be fully charged. The great feature of this particular razor electric e200 scooter is the folding mechanism which is ideal for storage space and also taking on the trips.

The e200 tube and tire are eight inches large for getting an excellent ride and steady turning around a variety of areas. You and your kid will like driving this particular scooter.

This has bigger tires, frame, and deck; the E200 may handle the teenager riders very easily, while nevertheless being ideal for young riders. Try to make no error this particular scooter has the size and speed to get inexperienced and small riders’ fun perhaps too. Security equipment ought to be worn by kids of various age groups, to ride securely.


  • It has solid performance
  • It is a perfect mid-weight electric scooter
  • Obviously, this is a reliable one
  • It ensures safety first
  • It provides high-built quality


  • This is not as fast as we expect
  • It cannot handle all terrain
  • It comes with a 2 x 12v battery only
  • Battery charge time is too slow


Razor E100 Glow

Razor e100This kid’s electric scooter has a chain-run motor in a position to produce sufficient power to achieve the pace of approximately 10 mph. This has an extremely durable steel frame and also twist-grip velocity. The hand-handled brake is placed on the top, and the front tire is additionally an eight inches pneumatic one for simpler negotiation of the rough surface. A charge may allow you to get approximately 50 minutes of ongoing usage.

It is instead simple to run and also steer, and the large front wheel can make it a relatively comfortable ride, despite having a pebble or maybe more in the path. It is not that speedy possibly, which a positive thing for kids’ scooters is. One wishes the back wheel had been of the same quality in padding from bumps like the front; however, it is a smaller quibble with this entire thing’s general performance. A larger qualm might be the braking system; however it is not poor – it’s simply ideal in case you train your kids how to prevent speeding up to help this “bite.”


  • This is simple to ride and safe for your children
  • Your kids can ride this like a normal electric scooter in case you run out of the charge
  • It is highly desired for its simple construction and elegant design


  • The batteries run out of the charge too rapidly and also come with a less life
  • It is not fast ample to ride on the slopes.


Razor Power Core E90

Razor e90The Razor E90 is a 12-volt electric scooter which is extremely light-weight. This particular is one of the greatest Razor electric scooters for younger kids to make use of.

You ought to be conscious that they have improved this particular version to something a bit more effective. This particular is known as the Razor Power Core E90; this is a bit more costly and needless to say, is fifty per cent stronger compared to the standard Razor E90. This will go somewhat quicker in 10 MPH; the standard E90 goes 9 MPH. Nevertheless, the huge difference is the ride time; this has dual ride time in a massive 80 minutes, which is a substantial enhancement on the normal E90 Razor model.

The Razor E90 is secure for kids to make use of; the electric motor just kicks in when the scooter gets to a 3 MPH pace. To obtain the motor to interact kids have to start up and obtain the scooter as much as 3 MPH.

The best distinction among the E90 and E100 is the width of the tire. The E90 has slim plastic tires, causes this product is lighter in weight and simpler to move for more youthful kids.


  • This is slow and steady and obviously perfect for the younger kids
  • The push-button throttle is easy to operate
  • Light in weight in comparison to other scooters
  • Simple to handle for the kids under 8 years old.
  • Younger kids can drive them with the supervision of parents
  • Simple to assemble
  • This scooter comes at a cheap rate to buy
  • You can buy the replacement parts at a cheap rate


  • You can notice the chain may come off
  • It takes a lot of time to charge up
  • It is not perfect for older teens and will easily break


Pulse Performance Em-1000 E-Motorcycle

Pulse Performance Em-1000The electric motorbike EM-1000 enables riders to escape from the sidewalk and take pleasure in off-road shredding overall performance as much as 10 MPH! Ideal for kid’s first motorbike, EM-1000 includes 100 watts of energy, approximately 50 minutes constant ride time and may deal with a biker as much as 120 lbs. The best features consist of a 24-volt standard battery system, ITR (Instant Throttle Response) moto-motivated twist throttle which provides immediate speed, strengthened steel frame and also moto-style hand braking system triggers the back drum braking system for fast, risk-free stopping. It is simple for kids to deal with. The electric motorbike EM-1000 arrives with front leak proof knobby tire and also pneumatic rear knobby tire to soak up the bumps. The long-lasting chain drive technique gives energy effectively and easily. An easy LED light off/on signal for security and also power converter for the purpose of re-charging is provided.

You can simply patrol the local community and visit almost all your favorite hangouts before the evening meal on the EM-1000 Kids’ Pulse Performance Electric Motorbike. As soon as you are prepared to start off, grab a hold of the ITR (Instant Throttle Response) twist throttle and immediately speed up towards your location.


  • Its 100W chain-run motor performs for approximately 40 minutes
  • It comes with front fork, internal frame and strong steel handlebars
  • It has a leak-proof front-side tire and also a rear tire which is pneumatic knobby
  • Its moto-type hand brake triggers the rear drum brake
  • Its ITR moto-style twist throttle accelerates instantly
  • It comes with Off/on LED light
  • It runs on a single 24V rechargeable battery (provided)


  • It cannot handle all terrain
  • It is not fast ample to ride on the slopes.
  • It takes a lot of time to charge up


Razor Pocket Mod Euro

Razor pocketThe Razor Mod Miniature Euro Scooter is one of the best choices. This particular is a classic – passionate kid scooter. This is being operated through a chain-run electric motor. It utilizes big 12 inches pneumatic tires to give you a softer ride. Additionally, it includes the system of rear suspension. The integrated electric battery of this particular kid scooter may go as much as 10 miles on one charge. This is suggested for kids who else are 13 years and more than that. The product is non-returnable. This has a storage space below the seat. This particular kid scooter is created for girls; still, there are different colors which are appropriate for the guys. This has a Euro and sleek design. This is well-liked by teens which allow it to be an excellent gift. This is perfect for riding around the community specifically for teenagers who are not of sufficient age to ride.

The scooter makes use of a 24 potential unit set to lead to the acid battery that is standard rechargeable and maintains running for approximately 12 miles on a single charge. It is because that the battery continues for 45 minutes of prolonged use before the succeeding restore. The battery performance is proficient. This aspect is sufficient for kids.

The particular battery is standard rechargeable, and also without notice, it is drained, you just have got to enable and also re-charge this to need going. The kid scooter similarly comes with a charger acquainted re-control the electric battery.


  • It comes with elegant, nice design and even with great combinations of color
  • It is light in weight and also simple to ride
  • It has amazing suspension option for getting a smooth ride
  • It has a center installed stand


  • It has little range of approximately 10 miles
  • It has torque and low power, slow speed


Pulse Performance GRT-11 Electric Scooter – Royal Blue

Pulse GRT-11It comes with conventional checkered-flag motifs to provide this a classical feel of racing; the GRT-11 electric scooter zooms at 8-mph with a ride period of approximately 40 minutes. It is created of high-quality stainless steel for sturdiness, and even the handlebars, stem, and inner frame are dual strengthened to make sure this particular scooter retains as much as the rigors of age 10 and also up crowd. A built-in foot brake and thumb-actuated throttle assist younger riders to move from the battery-centred to the foot-run operation very quickly. This GRT-11 is available in blue or red and costs less than others.

It might be difficult to get a scooter which goes this particular quick and has this kind of outstanding structure for a much better cost. The wholesale is great (greater than the Razor when going through the bumps) however due to the cheap cost, the overall high quality of the components simply leaves a little to be preferred. For example, take the wheels, they are slim, strong rubberized just like the wheels you discover on the rollerblades; therefore they do not roll as efficiently on the surface or even supply as much padding as the Razor is, which are full of air and approximately 3 times as wide.


  • It comes at a great price
  • It does not move very fast, which is perfect for the younger riders
  • It is made of excellent frame structure


  • The wheels of this scooter could be bigger for greater stability
  • The battery life is not as it promised to provide


Qaba Electric Kids Motorized 120W Scooter

Qaba 120wProvide your child with the energy of exciting activities and allow them to check out wind fly from their tresses as they travel around on the awesome scooter.

Having a top-notch velocity of 7.5-mph, you are capable of getting to your location very quickly. The broad foot deck provides optimum stability and balance to make fast turns. The durable stainless steel frame enables for them riders as much as 154 pounds, therefore, it is ideal for the younger child which wants their very first scooter. This makes use of a lead-acid battery having an integrated battery charger which charges in around 5 to 8 hrs. The belt-run motor enables you to reach the top velocity quickly and even the front hand brake helps to keep your kid in total control. Get your scooter and then ride with Awesome.


  • Its durable steel frame will support your kid easily
  • Its front hand brake provides you with the control while you ride it
  • It comes with an adjustable handle so that you can easily find the top height
  • It has belt-run motor and lead-acid battery which will get you top speed quickly
  • It has a broad foot area for extra stability and balance
  • It folds up when it is not in use


  • It has torque and low power, slow speed
  • The battery life is not as it promised to provide


Pulse Performance Sonic XL Electric Scooter

Pulse Performance Sonic XLPulse Performance has developed a brand for itself as a maker of high-quality products and also the Sonic XL is the same! The Sonic XL is a very well constructed scooter utilizing top quality components, which is noticeable as soon as you open the box. They have designed it with a large and impressive deck (that part you stand on) that enables much better stability and handling, and together with the big air-stuffed scooters, we all discovered this designed for an excellent ride.

The Charging time continued approximately 40 minutes for us, that is less than as long as we were able to obtain from the Razor scooters; however, the particular Sonic XL is stronger with a greater velocity of 13-mph, which means this had not been amazing. This is an excellent option for riding on all kinds of terrains and even for handling the hills. The sole thing we’re able to state is required to be cautious providing this particular scooter to young kids that will not utilize it sensibly because of the high speed.


  • It is quickly rechargeable
  • It is not noisy whatsoever
  • It is very simple to put together
  • The brakes work well truly
  • This is obviously perfect for the beginners


  • It does not fold like others
  • You cannot adjust the height of the handlebars


Things To Take Into Account When Buying An Electric Scooter For Your Kids

Scooters arrive in almost all sizes and shapes; however, there is something child-like of a scooter regardless of what seems as though. From normal kick scooters to the full-body mopeds, you cannot help however think about these like the whimsical human-run toys.

As a result of the motor, battery, and advancements in computer technology, kids’ scooters are no longer just something you play around for enjoyment, however, a practical transportation alternative.

I understand that all eyes are on the elegant brand new self-balancing electric scooters, however, zipping about on inline two-wheeler includes an elegance that all those (extremely expensive) toys just cannot go with.

  • The style of the scooter

It is challenging to determine precisely what defines a scooter a scooter, or even what sets apart them from the bikes; however, the important feature which all the scooters provide is just a step-through design. Essentially, this particular implies that each of your feet is on the flat deck, while on the motorcycle or bicycle you actually straddle the side of the thing similar to a horse.

Among the kids’ scooters, you have an option of designs. There is the new traditional kick scooter that does not have any seat. You need to stand on this; something created feasible by its additional high handlebars. Needless to say, electric editions of these scooters do not need you to kick. Frequently these small kids will be lightweight and also contain a folding design for making them less difficult to move.

  • Battery life

There are nevertheless many electric scooters on their marketplace using lead acid-run batteries – the same type of battery which cranks your vehicle engine to the life. It is one of the factors which scooters charge very little in comparison to, such as, hoverboards. Regrettably, the technology of lithium battery is exceptional in nearly every way for running an electric vehicle, particularly when it comes to the charging times. While a lithium-run scooter may be completely re-charged in 3 to 4 hrs, a lead acid-run battery might take a severe 12 hrs to complete to get a 50 minute run time. They are weighing far more, which is poor for apparent factors, and do not keep the maximum amount of energy for every pound. Here are a few tips on how to maintain the batteries.

  • This is not for heavies

Electric scooters have some of the lowest bodyweight capabilities you are prone to notice with individual electric vehicles. Scooters of adults begin at the 140-pound mark and may have the frame geometry too big for young kids. A few of the beefed-up and serious kids’ scooters may handle approximately 300 pounds however in the primary; you can get an optimum capability of approximately 250 pounds for them higher quality, adult-focused models.

  • Range and speed

Obtaining the right scooter has a great deal to perform with trying to find out your expected playground or route. Give consideration to the range you have to cover between the charges. To put it differently, in case you cannot charge up at the desired destination after that you have to count up both directions contrary to the approximated range. Keep in mind that any inclines, and also your body weight, is effective in reducing your real range. Company’s ratings from this point of view often lean in the direction of the positive side.

  • Suspension and wheels

Visiting your route is once more top concern when it comes to suspension and wheels. In their basic, scooters may have little strong-rubber wheels and even no suspension by any means. This particular is ideal for soft, level terrain. In case it is OKAY for skateboard to move there, this kind of scooter set up must also be OKAY.

  • Powerful brakes

A few scooters can easily hit 30mph nearly; therefore you want sufficient braking.  Even fundamental scooters have just one small disc, however, for bigger, quicker scooters you want a big disc or even rear and front discs. In case it is feasible, search for the product on Youtube.com and find out if somebody has carried out a braking test. Needless to say, overall braking performance is dependent partially on the tire and suspension quality; keep that in your mind while you come to a decision.

  • Cost

It is the last, but not the least, essential problem to think about. You greatly obtain what you pay money for electric scooters. For $250 to $350 you will find an excellent plaything that could perform for a few mild traveling; however, it is just across the $1100 mark where you may think about leaving behind your vehicle at your home. Save this in thoughts when determining what you want the scooter for.

Electric Scooters For Kids – Must-Remember Tips

Electric scooters for kids are typically in presence for a lengthy time, and will invariably be amongst the top playthings for kids.

Children like the pleasure, independence, and also adrenaline they get through driving a kick-run electric scooter. You can picture them for just about any second zipping around the community on their brand new electric scooters. Whether or not this is about the plain streets, or even the countryside, the small downhill trips, the uphill, or even riding with each other with you to certainly the businesses, they just cannot get enough.

Your Kids

To begin with, you need to consider the kid in mind like weight, height, age, agility and also the level of self-confidence. I think many individuals disregard this particular while picking out electric scooters for the children. Not comprehending the height and bodyweight of the child, you will make the foremost mistake while buying a kid scooter.

Even though the majority of scooters these days consist of adjustable steering handle for the height, you nevertheless have to find out if the child can perform a minimum of the height that steering handle will certainly accomplish. When the child is taller after that be certain the electrical scooter can perform the right height for just about any comfortable ride.

A few kick electric scooters for kids are produced as light-weight and strong, that could handle plenty of bodyweights. Therefore be certain the kid scooter you choose arrives with a suitable weight capacity throughout the specifications.

A few kids might be short of self-confidence. An electric kid scooter that provides more balance and possibly a removable chair or perhaps comes with three wheels can be the perfect option to start with. As soon as the kid benefits much more self-confidence, after that, you can upgrade to the two-wheel model.

Safety Factors Of The Electric Scooters

  • Your electric scooter ought to be secure to ride. You cannot bargain on essential safety; this particular is not non-compulsory.
  • A large number of electric scooters consist of a guide which is listed almost all of the basic safety directions, from installation to the riding. The wise decision to find out about how secure the electrical scooter is, once again is going to be testimonials.
  • I have encountered comments from moms and dads being concerned about the handlebar falling off because of loose screws and others talking about the drive chain that comes off as well. Think about how terrifying is that?
  • Is it safe to ride in the complete pace and is any accident occurs then this can be dangerous and not secure?

Things To Keep In Mind When You Use The Electric Scooter For Kids

  • There is some information which kids and also grownups ought to maintain in thoughts when utilizing the scooter.
  • Go through the guide instructions very carefully before putting the electric scooter together. You will discover some recommendations for upkeep, replace the scooter tires and even riding that may restrict the danger of leading to severe issues.
  • Attempt to ride the scooter by yourself. You should not bring others along. The reason behind this particular is that people in some way will burn control which results in a risky incident.
  • Follow the laws and regulations when riding on the road. Keep in mind that besides the scooter, you will still find plenty of transportations are moving forward the road. Follow the guideline implies that you safeguard your health and others.
  • Put on different equipment for safety. They consist of helmet, knee or hand protection.


On the whole, when getting one of the electric scooters for your kids, it is going to encourage your kids to venture out and have a great time day-to-day. This can bring advantages for the children because they may enhance their wellness. Furthermore, people in the family are right now getting more possibilities to spend some time with one another. In this post, we additionally offer plenty of versions for people to think about. Simply go through the description, pros and cons of these electric scooters for kids and create an assessment for them. Alternatively, keep in thoughts some features and tips that have been mentioned previously for protecting your process of riding.


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